Wednesday, March 26, 2008


So, I was in the Mart of the Wal persuasion today, picking up a few things, and I found myself in the refrigerated section of the produce aisle looking for shredded carrots. I did not find shredded carrots, but you know what I did find? Pre-sliced onions. Who on earth buys a pre-sliced onion? Especially at two or three bucks a pop? Who is that supremely lazy or knife-challenged? One might argue that it is not much different from shredded carrots, but I would. Shredding carrots is a pain in my butt. I have no fancy food processor which shreds them for me, and so my options are really to cut them into tiny matchsticks or grate them on my box grater, thus not producing a substantial enough section of carrot to truly be a shred. But slicing an onion? Takes about ten seconds, a minute if you truly suck at it. I posed the "who buys a pre-sliced onion" question to the hubs at dinner, and here's what we came up with: If you own no knives and are on your way to a barbeque in which you are expected to bring sliced onions for topping burgers and the person who is hosting the barbeque also has no knives and you can't afford to spring for a knife, you might buy a pre-sliced onion. Or if you have no fingers. Or hands. Or arms.


Holly said...

well I buy frozen chopped onions because they are DA BOMB! It makes it so easy to measure out what I need & throw them in a recipe. does that qualify as lazy too?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I use the pre-chopped onion mix that has celery and carrot mixed into them, I think they are called recipe starters. It is very convenient to throw into a crock pot with some meat at 9am on your way out the door to church! I guess I am lazy that way! I do chop them on my own when I saute them in a pan with meat though!

Wendy said...

Pre-chopped is nowhere near as lazy as pre-sliced. I think it qualifies as convenient. Pre-sliced is pathetic. Especially since it's a single onion pre-sliced. PA-THE-TIC.

Mary said...

Oh pre-sliced not pre-chopped.
(I would buy pre-chopped)

Sue said...

Maybe people who don't like to cry or who don't want to smell oniony? Or something?

I don't know, I'm out.

Brooke said...

This is pathetic but I suck at cutting onions.

I've watched Rachel Ray cut them and think to myself now that looked so easy but somehow it just doesn't come easy for me. (I do have all appendages.)

I'm thinking of getting one of those little containers where you put the said vegetable in it and pull the lid down and it will cut them, now that should be easy!!!!