Sunday, May 4, 2008

I'm A Gourmet! And Other Exciting News

Okay, I'm not a gourmet in real, actual life. BUT. I did make a recipe from Gourmet magazine, which me five years ago would never have imagined because me five years ago wouldn't make a recipe that had more than four steps to it, so it's a huge sign that I've come a really, really long way. And maybe making a recipe from Gourmet magazine kind of sort of makes you almost a gourmet. Or at least solidly a wanna-be. And I can totally live with wanna-be. In case you were wondering, the recipe was for Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto. It was my first foray into the world of risotto, and I now fully understand its addictive powers. Shortly after, I made risotto with peas and fresh Parmesan cheese. Holy mama. This is so going to rain on my whole-grain parade.

The other exciting news is that I got linked! By someone who does not know me and thus feel obligated to humor me and my nutty obsession with food! Linked! Now, if you're, oh say, my sister, this would not be a huge deal since roughly 92,000 people read and love her blog. But if you're me? Reason to celebrate, my friends. Thanks for the link, Deb! You made my week.


Sue said...

Bwa ha ha ha ha (Congratulations on the link - does this mean you've ARRIVED?) I'm frightened by almost all of the words in the recipe title. I'm not exactly sure what Risotto is, that's how cooking dumb I am. Rice? Fancy rice?

P.S. I need a cool summer recipe for Enrichment. I have NO IDEA what to do. I don't think they want my very special sprite/kool-aid punch recipe. Help.

Deb said...

You're welcome! Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

OK, Wendy (not Brox, Mark's sister . . ) You got a peek at MY blog and yours is all private! So go on and invite me! It was fun to hear from you. I can't believe you girls are all growed up!!! I just got called back into YW . . . maybe I'll get it right this time!?!?! Keep in touch. I love this blog and your recipe one. I'm always looking for something new, especially now that I don't have picky little kids to have to please. Still has to be fast and easy though . . . I'm not much of a plan or prepare ahead kind of gal. I get to see your cute brother occasionally. How's Mom? I hear she's moving back to Vegas? Tell her hi from me and stay in touch.

Ruth Melvmom