Friday, May 16, 2008

Or Not.

Perhaps my last post about me being a gourmet and such was a wee bit premature. I recently went to visit my husband who has been away on business for a long enough span that I was compelled to go visit him. During my stay, the hubs asked me to make some oatmeal for him one morning. Despite the utter lack of measuring devices and all familiar kitchen accoutrements, I agreed, because I am a team player and I make oatmeal multiple times a week and have mastered it.

Or not.

What was intended to be a little stove-top-cooked pot of stick-to-your-ribs love turned out to be something else. Something solid and inedible with the ability to defy gravity. That's right, DEFY GRAVITY. When hubs saw the abomination that was supposed to be his breakfast, he grabbed the pot, turned it upside down, and NOTHING HAPPENED. Not even one little lump of gluey horrendousness fell to the floor. And then my husband proceeded to laugh at me. A lot. Very loudly.

And that is why perhaps my previous post may have been a teensy, tinsy, almost imperceptible bit premature.


Deb said...

Hey, I've messed up oatmeal also! Get back on that gourmet horse! =)

Brooke said...

Well I'm glad your sister Sue finally linked you so I could find you! To her my comments are just a number but to you they might just mean something...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

My daughter BEGS me to make oatmeal on the stove. I usually refuse which is sad when I think about it because my dad used to make THE best oatmeal and would put butter on top of it so we could mix it in.

I like to make it in the microwave but that doesn't make for any great memories now does it??? HA!

It is great to meet you and now I'm off to read all of your other posts!

Wendy said...

Brooke, the matter was complicated by the fact that I've become a devotee of steel-cut oatmeal, which takes 20-30 minutes to cook, and apparently, the oatmeal at the hub's place was quick-cooking. So, uh, 20 minutes is WAY too long to cook it. Oops! Thanks for commenting!

Mary said...

Way tooooooo long. Funny!