Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blog Carnival Virgin No More

It's Works for Me Wednesday over at Rocks in My Dryer, so I thought I'd join in.  

Breakfast is usually not a big deal at our house.  It's often conquered with a few bananas and some yogurt, oatmeal or cereal.  But sometimes it's not so easy.  Sometimes, there are pancakes. Pancakes themselves are not difficult to make, but I hate getting out the griddle and then cleaning the griddle afterward (or the next day if I'm feeling especially resentful toward the blasted thing).  And once there have been pancakes, there is always leftover batter.  

For a long time I didn't know what to do with the leftover batter until one day, a little light went off in my obviously tiny brain.  And this is my WFMW tip: These days, I cook that leftover batter.  Once the unneeded pancakes have cooled, I place sheets of wax or parchment paper between them, pop them in a ziploc bag and put them in the freezer.  Next time the wee one wants pancakes for breakfast and I don't have the time or the will to make them,  I pull a few out of the freezer and heat them up in the microwave.  This leaves me with no annoying griddle to clean, no wasted batter when pancakes are made, no outrageously priced boxed frozen pancakes (with who-knows-what in them),  and best of all, one uber-happy two-year-old. And that DEFINITELY works for me.


Anonymous said...

This works really well for waffles, too.

You can freeze pancakes lying flat on a sheet pan and they're easy to pry apart from the freezer then!

And a batter tip: mix it up the night before and put it in the fridge. You'll get really light, fluffy pancakes this way. :)

Rob and Michelle said...

It's funny, I tried to think of SOMETHING for WFMW and came up with nothing! So to avoid the need to get off of the computer and begin doing chores I designed new headers instead. Ha. I'm so bad. K, email me an invite to your family blog, last time I checked it was private.

Damien said...

Anything to make life a little easier is a welcomed plan in our house!

Anonymous said...

wow i am going to try this! i have a 2 year old who would really love pancakes!

Andrea said...

Wendy...I found this blog on Rachels...I have viewed it a couple times and I have to say you are HILARIOUS! I made your banana bread and everyone LOVED it! My husband even took some the day he taught elders quorem! He got TONS of compliments!


Wendy said...

Andrea- see? I wasn't kidding when I said it was the best banana bread ever. I'm glad you guys loved it, too.