Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sorry, Friend of Nemo

Things I am generally not a fan of: 

1. White bread
2. Meat wrapped in more meat
3. Emo anything
4. Fish trying to be something it isn't, i.e. fish tacos

So when hubs walked in the door on Saturday, not with the turkey burger I'd requested, but with a mahi mahi burger, I was none too enthused.  "No, I'll try it," I said, trying to be grateful and positive (after all, he did bring sweet potato fries, too).  But on the inside I was remembering an experience earlier in life with a salmon burger that did not go well.  Don't misunderstand.  I love fish.  Fish is one of my favorite foods.  But I like my fish to be fish- not a taco filling, not a stew ingredient and absolutely not a burger. 

I sat down at the table and examined the burger before me.  The mahi mahi patty had a blend of spices in it and was topped with a pineapple-coconut salsa.  Uh oh.   I hate coconut.  Between it and the bottom bun was a small pile of mixed greens.  In a separate container was an unidentified sauce of some sort- possibly but not neccessarily a version of tartar sauce.  I asked my husband what it was, but he said he hadn't paid close enough attention to know.  The only thing left to do was try it.  

Which I did.  And much to my surprise, it was astonishingly good.  Good enough that I ate the whole thing, although I still couldn't identify the sauce for you.  It had a nice ocean-y flavor, but it wasn't fishy at all- and I didn't notice the coconut one bit.  (Yay!)

So, where can you get this burger?  You can't.  At least not anymore.  It was the January burger of the month at The Counter.  (A little research informed me that it was called the Hawaiian Spice Rubbed Mahi Mahi Burger, and that the sauce may have been a pickled ginger aioli, but there are apparently many dipping sauce choices, so I can't be sure.)  The Counter is a build-your-own burger restaurant, and every month they also feature a burger of the month.  It's a bit pricey for my humble budget (good thing my food was free), but any place that can make a fish burger worth eating has my vote.


Lorie said...

You don't like meat wrapped in meat! What about chicken rapped around prosciutto!

And Fish Tacos! You don't like fish tacos!

Lorie said...

But I am glad you liked the Mahi Mahi burger!

Wendy said...

I've never had chicken wrapped in proscuitto, but since I despise bacon, I'm guessing I won't like it. And to be honest, the last tine I had fish tacos I was about 14 and had a pathetically developed palette. Maybe I shoulf give them another shot.

Anonymous said...

you know what i hate, people calling their husbands - hubs

Wendy said...

Hey Anonymous, I gotta say, if me calling my husband "hubs" is the only thing you hate around here enough to comment on, I'm doing WAAAAAY better than I thought I was. So thanks for the confidence boost. And next time, don't be such a coward. Use your real login. I'm not gonna bite you.