Monday, June 13, 2011

Dear Grill, I Love You.

The reasons I love you are plentiful. You fill my backyard and half the neighborhood with the intoxicating, smoky smell of food cooking over a flame, you provide me a reason to be playing outside when I would normally be holed up in the kitchen, and you gift me with a dinner that looks like this:

You bring the possibility of smores and bananas-stuffed-with-yummy-things-grilled-in-tin-foil for dessert. In short, you are awesome.

And although I have cited reason enough to adore you, my love for you is based largely on one fabulous fact: If you are fired up, someone else is cooking. In fact, I'm probably not even allowed near you. You are his territory, his smokin' hot baby- and if I play my cards right and act like the nights we use you are a bit of an inconvenience to me, when I relent with a little sigh he feels triumphant and loves you all the more. As do I.


Me said...

oh mama that looks sooooo good. Our grill ran out of gas, so I've been cooking in the heat of my kitchen. The heat outside is so much better.

I forgot about your food blog! I hate to admit it wasn't on my blog roll for some reason. Changes are comin' tonight!

Caren with a "C" said...

LOL! My in-laws bought me the BBQ, but I hardly use it... I wait like you and hope he will put the charcoal in. I'm too afraid I'll burn myself pouring out the hot coals. I do love grilled food though. Do you use charcoal or gas?

Wendy said...

@Me- I hate when we run out of the necessary grilling accoutrements. Although even though it's solidly over 100 outside, I can't seem to stop finding reasons to turn on my oven. Guess I'm a masochist. Thanks for putting me on your blogroll. Now I just have to make you blog more!

@ Caren- We have a charcoal grill. My husband is very into "real smoke" since moving to Texas and is always adding some variety of wood chips to the mix. I think he secretly wants a smoker, but for now he'll just have to stare longingly at them.

Heidi and Rich said...

Wendy - reading this post reminds me of why i enjoyed being your roommate. You are funny... (and nice, and a good listener, and fun to be around)but I love your wittiness the most. About your comment on my blog... just so you know life with four kids has been much harder than I thought. I should have stayed in the hospital and let the nurses help care for the baby - because now that I am home I never find time to blow dry my hair and it got so bad a couple of weeks ago I went and got my hair chopped off. Why do I do such irrational things when I am in the new mommy stage? Needless to say - that photo of us before we left the hospital is the only photo I will have where I am even remotely put together. If I get my act together I need to post about real life with 4 kids (2 in diapers) and how crazy it is!!